Wuhan Expat

Upon first glance, Wuhan Expat is not the most beautiful, easily-navigable of websites, however it is one of the only resources for expats or those interested in relocating to Hubei province’s capital city. The site contains a lot of basic, general information for newcomers to the city, including information like how to purchase a phone sim card, how to get Internet access, a brief list of international schools, and other helpful snippets. Be warned: some of the details are outdated (eg. photos from events in 2005).

Worth a look is the Sightseeing section, which lists many of the scenic and tourist attractions around the city along with descriptions, how to get there, and a few images. Again, I am not certain how up-to-date this information is, but it does provide a good overview on Wuhan.

The most active, current component of the site is the forum and jobs sections. These both have fairly frequent posts, discussions and updated details on what is happening around the city. The jobs forum is dominated by ESL teaching positions and seems to have a lot of repeat posters, which may indicate some dodgy recruiters.