Guangzhou Stuff

For all the latest event news and listings, Guangzhou Stuff is a decent resource for expats looking for things to do in and around Guangdong’s capital city. Find details on events like cooking classes, BBQs, happy hours, movie nights, concerts, and more.

GZStuff also primarily operates as a social network, similar to Facebook. Members can make profiles, find friends and use their handle on the forum as well. The forum is reasonably active with many q&a style posts, drinking/dining advice, tips on where to get your pets groomed or find love, etc.

A unique feature on GZStuff is the Groups section which allows members to join various groups based on different interests. This allows for easy connection with other locals/expats. Interested in rock climbing or language exchange? There are also groups for French, models and performers, Americans, meet-ups, acoustic guitar fans, and anything else you can imagine.

The Blogs section also makes for interesting reading. Members can post blogs, stories, and thoughts up on the site while allowing other members to provide comments and feedback. Find random musings on life in Guangzhou and China, events, jokes and discussion.