Lost Laowai

Since its inception in 2006, Lost Laowai has been providing no-nonsense information and commentary on China through articles, news and discussion posts. The website has been made for and is maintained by a group of expats in the PRC with a deep interest in their new home and as such promotes the idea of sharing thoughts and experiences to learn more about China.

Articles are organized by several categories: arts & entertainment, which includes items like fashion, food, health, film, photos, fiction; Chinese culture, politics, business, and law; a “learning Chinese” section which details some useful apps; and noteworthy, interesting news.

Of particular interest is the Expat Stuff section. This details advice (everything from visa issues and using squat toilets to getting an abortion and “China life hacks”), expat rants, warnings for what to do/not to do as a foreigner in the Middle Kingdom, interviews with foreigners working in different industries, and information on teaching English as a second language.

The “Bad Laowai” section provides some humorous news items on what hijinks foreigners have been involved in and how Chinese have responded. Find stories like “foreigner deafens doctor, trashes hospital and slaughters innocent fish” and “Canadian loses it in a train ticket office” and learn how to completely disrespect a different culture.


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