Irreverent, sometimes shocking, and always entertaining, chinaSMACK is one of my favourite resources for finding Chinese news and information online.

One of chinaSMACK’s best features is its translations of comments and debate occurring on China’s largest message boards/forums/social networking sites. This is a great way to find out what Chinese are feeling and thinking about what is happening in their country. It also allows foreigners to weigh in with their opinions and encourages discussion and commentary on news they would not have otherwise read about.

Stories range from corruption with officials, price hikes, strange deaths, rioting, sex scandals, government criticism, overseas Chinese, land-use rights, and so much more. There are also frequent posts of the most popular songs in China along with lyrics posted in Chinese, English, and pinyin. Popular photos being passed around by Chinese netizens are also posted along with explanations.

Often shut down or censored by the Chinese government due to its at times controversial posts, chinaSMACK is a good way to understand the culture, social issues, and growing pains of the PRC.

A glossary of Chinese internet language and slang is an interesting read and provides insight into the minds of China’s online generation.


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