CNNGo China


CNNGo China

CNNGo’s China section is unique from other PRC-related sites as it is completely made up of articles, be it news, entertainment, or informational. The website contains some interesting lists, for example:

Other articles are in-depth and well-written, providing interesting glimpses of China that may not have been otherwise discovered. Learn the top eight dishes to try when visiting Nanjing, read about how to ride a mountain steam train near Chengdu, check out ‘mini-guides’ on some tier 2 cities, find out the location of Beijing’s alleged most haunted spots, and learn all you need to know about every variant of dumpling.

News articles are insightful and current, too: Justin Beiber’s Great Wall escapade, issues with drunk and disrespectful expats in Shanghai, Beijing’s micro-brewery boom, and other pieces.

What I have found very special about CNNGo’s articles is that they have some measure of credibility and journalistic quality to them. Pictures are high quality and information is accurate and current. This is great site to explore, read, and learn from, and is highly recommended for an overview on China.


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