GoKunming is the number one resource for expats living in Yunnan province, particularly in the city of eternal Spring. With constant updates and a monthly magazine, GoKunming is run by a small group of expats with ties to the local NGOs and the hospitality industry and this is reflected in a lot of the content: features on project and non-profit work occurring in the area, interesting travel articles on locations off the beaten track, and restaurant/nightlife news.

With its constantly updated events section and Yunnan-related news items, the site also provides listings for the smaller cities around the province, namely Lijiang, Dali, Shangri-La, and the Jinghong/Xishuangbanna region. This helps connect foreigners in other locales with Kunming and also provides travel advice and useful information for those wishing to explore Yunnan.

The GoKunming forum is lively and the Classifieds section is used regularly with sections such as rental listings, language exchange, and items for sale. The Jobs Offered/Wanted component is also very active and probably the best possible place to look if you are seeking employment in Kunming. Articles are written by a variety of voices and have some interesting content like local recipes, WWII-era photos of the city, giveaways and fascinating interviews with “everyday people”.


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